Dating while black and orange (BuzzFeed edition)

Dating while black and orange (BuzzFeed edition)

Hi y’all, if you’re reading my blog right now, either you’re a friend of mine or someone referred you to here or you saw my article on BuzzFeed. For those of you who just happened to stumble on this, hello! 

The BuzzFeed version of the blog post “Dating while black and orange – a response to Patton’s advice” is definitely a shorter one and if you read that one, I really think you should take a read of my original post below (and linked here).  Feel free to leave feedback, comments, what have you. 

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Dating while black and orange (BuzzFeed edition)

  1. What a tour de force, Brittney! I loved the abbreviated version on the “Princeton Progressives” site, but I’m so glad I read the full version. Thanks for “going there,” someone has got to speak up for us black women. That is certainly food for thought, that more than twenty-five years after I graduated, so little has changed in interracial relations. I’m also delighted that you quoted President Tilghman–I love her even more too!

    Best wishes and much love to you from Cora Monroe ’80, also a French major, Spanish minor

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